miniDooM - Mocking it up, by hand

Very minor update to share a little mockup I made up.... By hand.

Will this result in me dusting the project off and doing something with it? Hopefully.


miniDooM - More shading with LWJGL

I'm in the middle of upgrading all my core software from LWJGL 2.0 to LWJGL 3.0, which is a non-trivial amount of work, resulting in sizable chunks of code being thrown out because now, with hindsight, I realize how useless most of it really was (something I knew would happen anyway).

For the time being, here's a sample of the lighting shader:

Diffuse Map 
Normal Map
Spooky Lighting!
That light moves following the mouse cursor, and I love how the floor tiles look with the effect (I personally hate how my hand-made floor tiles come up).

Now, I'll hopefully have a moving character under that setup.

Oh, and in case I didn't mention it (I probably did), those normal maps are made by hand, which means I'm going to hate myself when applying normal maps to all the animations. It's a good thing most characters are modular, and a lot of the sprite elements get re-used.


TrShoot - Something's brewing...

I decided to give color pencils a try:

Yes, I'm being purposefully vague about my recent hiatus and this new post. Just bask in the glory of the kitty helmet for the time being.

Art - Oldies but Goldies

Been digging through my old drawings (aka unfinished projects), thought I'd share some, starting by this uplifting image:


miniDooM: Getting a hold of things... Again

Time to get back on track. As I mentioned before, I'm currently facing a dilemma regarding the miniDooM project, and this has brought to the forefront a sad truth of my current situation: Unless I get on with it and do something, the project will remain forever in the planning stages (I know, I know, basic stuff). So I'm now trying to focus on the basics.

My plan now is to build a feature complete release, that is, an implementation of the game that contains most, if not all, of the planned gameplay features, leaving content generation for a latter phase.

What this means is having the game boot directly into a game map with a few items, baddies and the like scattered around, and not to worry about how the game's story is structured.

Right now I'm making a list of the essential gameplay elements that I need to hit for this feature release. Once those are decided, I'll spend time creating the needed assets (a complete tileset for the map, all the required sprites for just this release, a few items), and then I'll focus on just programming the functionality, forgetting all about content generation until I have hit the functionality-complete release milestone.

I also need to get back to the weekly blog update, if only to keep myself thinking about my projects.



So I'm back from medical leave, still not entirely "fixed", but hey, who is?

Regarding my project, I'm pondering some hard decisions, namely:

  • Do I get rid of the DooM branding and make my own thing?
  • Do I scrap a big chunk of the display handling code and implement a simplistic LWJGL window to draw unto?
The reason for both of these is to simplify my life, both from a programming standpoint, as well as from a "not wanting to have the DooM IP owners come knocking and causing me headaches down the line".

I'm also getting distracted with other projects, which, as anyone who has ever tried to do something knows, carries a high risk of causing the abandonment of whatever I was doing before contemplating "new" things.

Luckily, a big point about the development of my game project is to create a framework where I can experiment with other game ideas (hence why I overcomplicate some of my code to make it flexible), which is why the whole "scrapping code" idea is a hard decision to make.

So, here's to getting back on track!


Still Alive...

But on medical leave.

Nothing terribly serious, but enough to make working on projects difficult.